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Hearts for Science

The Vascular and Integrative Physiology Laboratory 

Children in Science Class

What is the VIP Lab? 

VIP stands for Vascular and Integrative Physiology.  That is our fancy way of saying we study how the heart, lungs, veins, arteries and muscles work together in our bodies!  We investigate how these organs look when they are working well, and how we can learn more about diseases that affect the heart and lungs.

Hearts for Science!

We know that the younger generation will continue the work to move science forward! And Hearts for Science is part of that!  We want to create a love for science by educating, inspiring curiosity, and encouraging students to pursue careers in science and healthcare! 


We offer a few ways to help young scientists learn more about heart and lung health!



Did you know that participating in research is a great way to learn?  When you come in to participate in our studies, you get to see for yourself what a career in science looks like.  During your visit, we will show and talk to you about the awesome technology that we use to learn more about how the body works!



Are you looking for a future in science or healthcare? We partner with highschool students for summer learning experiences in our lab! Please follow us on social media to learn about these opportunities in the future.



Do you know that we organize events to learn more about science, health and how our bodies work? We would love to come to visit your school, after-school program, or community event to talk to you more about what we study and how we work to learn more about the body!  Please connect with us using the links/information below if you are interested.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities, share this page with an adult and contact us using the form below!

The VIP Lab


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Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch soon. 

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